Saturday February 28th and Sunday March 1st: Day 30 & 31 Saturday involved a long day of sketchy bus rides, walks along train rails, and a whole lot of silence. While the sketchy bus rides were NOT worth the money we saved, and the walks along the train rails were serene, the silence was breathtaking. … More MACHU PICCHU


Thursday, February 26th: Day 28 Goodbye Skyler! It was so nice to meet a fellow American with an adventurous heart and a rare plan of action. Skyler graduated high school a year early and took a gap year to travel (she is currently 17). Even though we didn’t spent a ton of time together, I … More SKYLER


Tuesday February 24th: Day 26 HOW HAVE I NOT MENTIONED THIS? GAINT DRUM ROLL….LIKE BIGGEST DRUM ROLL EVER….. MY MOM IS COMING HERE!!!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED. We talked extensively about this, and together we decidedthat life is short. There will never be another chance where we are both in Peru together. So, why not? … More MOM


Sunday February 22nd: Day 24 This was one of my favorite days of ruins because they were AMAZING. We went to the last two ruins left on our boleto touristico today: Tipon and Pikillacta. Both of these ruins are not visited that often (although I couldn’t tell you why because they were breathtaking). Tipon was … More RUINS

Alpacas are Cool

Saturday February 21th: Day 23 Once again, more ruins! Today we saw Q’enqo, Pukapukara, and Saqsayhuman. All were as beautiful as always. I am always shocked by the perfection of the stones, with not enough room between them for moss to grow. The Incans are incredible. While the stones, history, and ruins were all very … More Alpacas are Cool


Friday February 20th: Day 22 The first of many more goodbyes which I am trying not to think about: today was Robin and David’s last day. It was incredible meeting them and getting to know two hilarious and incredibly nice people from the U.K. Whether or not they want me to- I am definitely visiting … More Goodbyes


Monday- Friday: February 16th-20th: Days 18-22 Somehow in my absent minded-ness I have forgotten to post the most exciting news ever: I have been accepted to volunteer at Aldea Yanapay!!!! (the school from a previous blog post). From 9-1 every day the four of us who applied there play, laugh, and enjoy our wonderful time … More ALDEA YANAPAY


Sunday February 15th: Day 17 Found my camera batter THANK GOD. Pictures: sacred valley, Moray, Moray and me, salt flats, salt flats, salt flats, my wonderful roommate Catherine featuring Alvaro in the background. Second day with the Boleto Turistico, so we booked another tour. Today we saw the Morays and the Salt Flats, which were … More MORAY AND MARAS

Valentine’s Day

Saturday February 14th: Day 16 In Cusco, a big tourist attraction is the Boleto Turistico, which is a 10 day pass that allows you access to different museums and ruins. Today we went to Chinchero, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and Tambomachay: four Incan ruins. Ollantaytambo and Pisac were amazing, although I lost my camera battery so I … More Valentine’s Day