Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is wonderful. Its kind of quaint in a strange way. It’s simple. We explored with our group from the slow boat, walking over the bamboo bridge and looking at the town, the people, the stray dogs, the street food. As the day came to a close we changed into temple clothes and went … More Luang Prabang

Slow Boat to Laos

When we bought our “slow boat to Laos” tickets, they weren’t lying: it was a SLOW boat. 1 days of traveling via bus, 2 nights of scrounging for hostels, and 2 days of boating. It was definitely more luxurious than the overnight bus, but it definitely wasn’t glamorous either. Yet, you can always find the … More Slow Boat to Laos


It was the first (and possibly only Thanksgiving) where we got the strange opportunity to choose our family for the day. Who did we want to sit around a table and talk about being thankful with? Tori, me, her cousin Jeffery, and our new friend Eri headed to the street food stalls for a traditional … More Thanksgiving

Loy Krathong

Big O’s hostel is owned and run by Big and his family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers, wife, and baby). Today was Big’s birthday, as well as the big lantern releasing day, so the family decided to celebrate. They, so kindly, invited Tori and I to have dinner with them. Then they invited a few more … More Loy Krathong


Today began Loy Krathong, a three day festival giving thanks to the water gods. We sat at a nice little bar near the Nawarat bridge drinking Chang beer and watching the elaborate parade stroll by. Our good friend Flame (who works at the hostel) joined us shortly after. We met up with his friend and … More NIGHT ON THE TOWN


My favorite kind of adventure: eating and sleeping. I am a master chef at grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal, and soup (from a can of course). Out of everything we’ve done since we left, cooking has probably been comically the most out of my comfort zone. If I didn’t work at a restaurant back home, I would … More GOOD EATS


(Title credit to the always wonderful Victoria Winkler) Bucket list: playing with elephants: CHECK. Its a pretty typical tourist activity: but hey, there’s no shame in admitting you’re a tourist. The tourist industry can be, in general, fairly corrupt. It depends on your take on things in general, but we both wanted to do our … More TRUNK IN LOVE


It was Sunday, so we thought why not go to church? Of course, Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country so finding a Christian church was difficult. We were getting tired and hot from biking and walking around, so we decided to opt out of finding the church and just head home. Along comes George, a … More GOD MOMENT


34 zip lines, 6 mosquito bites, 3 death drops, 2 girls, 1 darn good day. Also the last zip line was over 1/2 a mile long so that was cool and stuff. And yes, I do say “made it!” and the end of the video and yes I do look great in that hair net.