March 26-April 1st I cried my freaking eyes out when I saw her. MY MOM IS HERE. MY BEST FRIEND IS HERE. IN PERU. PINCH ME THIS IS NOT REAL. We hit the ground running as I wanted to show her as much as possible before we set off on our adventure (stay tuned). San … More MI MADRE


Thursday March 19th We definitely didn’t luck out on the weather today, as it is pouring. But hey, we’re already soaked so I guess that’s convenient? The three of us adventured out on the rapids today and MAN WAS IT FUN. My friends kept gasping in awe at how beautiful the canyon and the rapids were, and … More WHITE WATER RAFTING


Monday March 16th, 2015 Day 47 Today I ate the Peruvian dish Cuy (which is wild guinea pig). It was creepy and gross and I have nothing more to say on this one…it still had teeth…and finger/toe nails….


Friday March 13th: Day 44 Today I pierced my nose. I’ve wanted to pierce it for a while but I was always afraid of what people might say so I didn’t. But, being in a different country, you get to be whoever you want. And, who says “being me” can’t mean having a pierced nose?? … More NOSE


Thursday March 5th-Monday March 9th Day 35-39 BEACH WEEKEND! Don’t get me wrong: this whole trip is a vacation, but we’re constantly doing something. Volunteering here, teaching there, going out dancing here, getting dinner there, hiking at that place, movie nights with those people, sunrise at that one church, late night ice cream runs at … More PARACAS Y HUACACHINA