Today we woke up and made oatmeal and coffee in our little kitchen, got dressed, hailed a taxi, and off to school we went!

The children here are ADORABLE. They are so little, just these smalls things flopping around, barely strong enough to hold up their bodies and definitely too young to understand anything they’re doing. Kids are hilarious. They made no sense to anyone, including themselves.

As it was our first day, we didn’t have any plan for our classes, so we just followed Phuong Ang’s lead. Phuong is the founder of “My Homeschooling”. Due to the weather being especially chilly in Hanoi right now, many kids are starting to get sick. So, Phuong planned a fun activity for the day of soaking their feet in a tub of hot water, salt, and ginger! It was too fun! Maybe this is a home remedy we need to take back to the states?

Ginger feet soak, reading time, lunch, nap, wake up, play, learn, and finally, say goodbye around 4:30. I won’t lie: this is going to be exhausting! Kids take a lot of energy, but these cute little ones are definitely worth it.

One thought on “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

  1. Nicole, I am so proud of you! What can I do for you or donate to your cause?
    I love you
    Southern California Grandmother


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