Sunday February 22nd: Day 24

This was one of my favorite days of ruins because they were AMAZING. We went to the last two ruins left on our boleto touristico today: Tipon and Pikillacta. Both of these ruins are not visited that often (although I couldn’t tell you why because they were breathtaking). Tipon was huge and was build right in the middle of tons of open space. Tipon has a water system that runs through the ruin and waters the crops. Pikillacta was a ruin that was built pre-Incan times and looks like the Great Wall of Peru. It was an incredibly massive city at one point, built precisely so that the entrances were downhill so rain could not flood the city (as I have mentioned when it rains here, it pours). Of course, I needed a picture on top of the wall. I got in trouble for not respecting the culture….oops. It’s a cool picture though so, I think the pre-Incans would be alright with it.

IMG_1754 IMG_1759 IMG_1762 IMG_1768 IMG_1776 IMG_1789 IMG_1801 IMG_1814 IMG_1817 IMG_1833 IMG_1839

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