Thursday, February 26th: Day 28


Goodbye Skyler! It was so nice to meet a fellow American with an adventurous heart and a rare plan of action. Skyler graduated high school a year early and took a gap year to travel (she is currently 17). Even though we didn’t spent a ton of time together, I feel like we became quick friends as we related so easily over our dumb sense of humor, mutual feelings of confusion with college, and the fact that many think we are crazy to leave high school/travel so young. But, I suppose only the crazy really get one another. I hope to one day visit Skyler in the Big Apple (once again, another friend means another excuse to travel). Although until I find myself on the other end of the U.S. in that New York State of mind, I wish her and her adorable laughter the best of luck. I know she is going places.

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