Monday- Friday: February 16th-20th: Days 18-22

Somehow in my absent minded-ness I have forgotten to post the most exciting news ever: I have been accepted to volunteer at Aldea Yanapay!!!! (the school from a previous blog post). From 9-1 every day the four of us who applied there play, laugh, and enjoy our wonderful time with wonderful children. Then we have have lunch from 1-2:30, Nacho and I plan our lesson until 3, then leave for our other school at 3:45-8. This week is crazy. We barely have time to breath but my God is it incredible. I love Yanapay more than anything. It is unreal how awesome it is and how unexpectedly quickly I fell in love with the school, the people, the children, and the principals.

A note to the volunteers from Papa Yuri (founder of Yanapay)

“What you are about to do is a beautiful thing; the most generous and responsible humanitarian effort a person can achieve.

To be a volunteer, to take on a task for love and without expecting any material gain is most certainly one of the best ways we can expect to improve this world.

If you are reading this, then you and I already have something in common, no matter whether we are from different countries, if we do not speak the same language or profess the same religion.

Today, something unites us: the desire for a better world, for a more just and tolerant society.”

After a week of working with the kids, playing with them, and teaching them, we put on a successful play on Friday regarding…. (drum role)…reproduction. The plays varied from literal birds and bees, to pollination, animals, and finally more figurative “the birds and the bees”. Regardless of the small group’s topic, all the skits were off the charts adorable.

IMG_1452 IMG_1444 IMG_1428 IMG_1422 IMG_1419 IMG_1259 - Copy IMG_1253 - Copy IMG_1248 - Copy IMG_1247 - Copy IMG_1231

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