Today was the worst day since our trip has begun.

We woke up early and went to the airport, ready to load our plane for Vietnam! The man at the counter (who didn’t speak much English) told us we couldn’t. He didn’t make any sense and eventually a woman explained to us the situation. Apparently, Tori’s visa has the incorrect dates. Her visa read 1/3/16, which to us Americans means January 3rd, 2015, but to the rest of the world, means March 1st, 2016. We asked the woman what this meant? She simply replied “You can’t get on your flight.”

Depleted, we went to a Burger King to eat our feelings. As I pulled out my tablet to try to change our flight dates online, I saw with horror that my computer was cracked. The kind of cracked where it doesn’t work anymore. At all. Tori tried to change her visa dates on her phone while I changed our plane dates. We were charged 40$ to change the flights. And, Tori couldn’t change her visa, so she had to purchase another 60$ visa.

It has been a sad day.

BUT- there was a 0% chance we would make it through this trip without hardship and difficulty. We knew we would come upon hoops to jump through, and this is a big one.

BUT- we are alive and well. Sad, but alive. Alive, and in Southeast Asia. Perspective! This is by no means the end of the world, although it does simply suck.

Back to our hostel for the night as we await Tori’s Visa for a few days….

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