Who am I?

Somewhere along the road I decided the “normal path” just wasn’t for me. There’s days where I really, REALLY, wish it was. I wish I was content with the easy route: high school, college, real life. Some days I wish I was at a University, living in a dorm room, able to talk to my friends back home about the difficulties of college, the sorority I’m rushing, the spirited football tailgating. Some days I wish I would have been happy pursing this path.

But, I’m not. And there’s days where I’m really, REALLY, happy I’m not. Some days I’m so overjoyed at the fact that my life is different and unique, difficult and daring, uncertain and adventurous,  original and weird, that I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Graduating high school a semester early to volunteer in Peru for three months was life-changing. And now, taking a gap year to explore Southeast Asia is a continuation of this life-changing journey I’ve embarked on to find myself. I’m learning my passions, my strengths, my weaknesses, my desires, and the woman I am at the root of my persona: when all that is familiar is gone and all you have left is who you truly are.

Its no surprise that trekking Machu Picchu, volunteering with children, endless language barriers, airplane layovers, nights with new friends, Skype calls home, living among poverty, embarking on spontaneous weekend getaways, eating mysterious food, and setting foot on a new country every month displays your true self.

So this is my journey, the age-old question, the never-ending chase, of answering “Who Am I?”

I am blessed to be on this journey and forever grateful to have the opportunity to answer this question.

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