Tuesday February 10th: Day 12 Today it started pouring and I became overwhelming/surprisingly nostalgic about missing my rainy state. After sleeping in and getting lunch with everyone, I sat in a coffee shop called The Meeting Place and drank wonderful tea, read my bible, and wrote in my journal. I found some beautiful verses on … More Café


Monday February 9th: Day 11 New Volunteers Robin, David, and Katherine arrived while I was gone in Puno for the weekend and I’m so excited to meet more people. By far one of my favorite parts of living in a volunteer house is the great company. I now proudly have friends from all over the … More Housemates


February 6th & 7th: Day 8 and 9 Lake Titicaca! At 9:30 Friday evening, Alicia, Mike, Alvaro, and I loaded in a taxi and headed to the bus station, where at 10:30 we left for Lake Titicaca. Saturday morning, around 5 a.m., we landed in Puno and shortly after hopped on a boat. First stop: … More LAKE TITICACA


February 5th: Day 7 Today was arguably one of the best days of my life. Since all of the volunteers only work 3 hours at our projects, some of us felt like we could, and should, be doing more. Three volunteers and I, who all work in the evening and have mornings free, went to Aldea … More ALDEA YANAPAY


February 4th: Day 6 About an hour out of the city (walking) is a beautiful church that overlooks the city. I sat there and just enjoyed the quiet and the breeze and view. I couldn’t help to constantly think about how lucky I am. This is such an adventure and it’s crazy to me that … More LUCKY LIFE

New Life

 February 1st: Day 3 New Friends/ New Place/ New Life What a whirlwind of a day. First of all: I woke up (still alone in a strange house and strange place) then rushed to the bathroom where I threw up. I believe it was due to thealtitude sickness- but who knows? I have felt fine … More New Life