It was Sunday, so we thought why not go to church? Of course, Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country so finding a Christian church was difficult. We were getting tired and hot from biking and walking around, so we decided to opt out of finding the church and just head home. Along comes George, a … More GOD MOMENT


Missionaries have always been a bit of a foreign concept. I’ve always pictured them as these people who go into third world countries with tons of bibles and preach about God. And truthfully, I’ve always thought that to be kind of annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love the God I follow. But I can’t … More MISSION


Tuesday February 10th: Day 12 Today it started pouring and I became overwhelming/surprisingly nostalgic about missing my rainy state. After sleeping in and getting lunch with everyone, I sat in a coffee shop called The Meeting Place and drank wonderful tea, read my bible, and wrote in my journal. I found some beautiful verses on … More Café