Sunday February 15th: Day 17

Found my camera batter THANK GOD. Pictures: sacred valley, Moray, Moray and me, salt flats, salt flats, salt flats, my wonderful roommate Catherine featuring Alvaro in the background.

Second day with the Boleto Turistico, so we booked another tour. Today we saw the Morays and the Salt Flats, which were INCREDIBLE. Our tour guide only spoke Spanish so the others had to translate for Catherine and me, which happens more often than I want to admit. Although I am SO glad they did translate, because the principal lessons and beliefs of the Incans were inspiring and far ahead of their time. First of all, the Incans knew of three tenses: past, present, and future. Yet, they only believed in two tense, being the present and past. They thought that in life, the future is both unknown and not real. There is no guarantee that the future will ever come, that tomorrow will ever be. Therefore, the future does not exist. The only real tenses are the present, which becomes the past. With these tenses, they believed that if you are happy, you are happy twice (both in your present and your past). Equally, if you are sad, you are sad twice. Therefore one of the most important things you can be in life is happy.

Their second belief is of three important aspects of a successful life: knowledge, work, and love. With knowledge, they said that if you know more, it is your responsibility to teach others what you know. If you know less, it is your job to learn from those who know more. With work: in life, you must work for things. Equally, you never know if you have nothing one day, and the next day you may be in charge of others with nothing. Therefore, you are never to take anything for granted, which helps one another gain mutual respect. Finally, the Incan belief of love is that you have to love yourself before you can love others. After you love yourself, you can share love, which creates happiness.

After our bus ride full of information, we arrived at the Morays. Once again, I was take back by the advanced knowledge of the Incans. The Morays are built in perfect circles. Each layer of grass is tilted at a perfect 42 degrees, which is the angle of rotation of the Earth to the sun. The stones on the edge of each circle would absorb heat fun the sun, thus creating a giant greenhouse. Since the Morays are perfect circles, they would plant certain crops in certain sections according to the seasons/rain fall/sun therefore the circles acted a giant farming calendar. Around the outer edge of the Morays the Incans would plant potatoes that could not be eaten as they were poisonous. These potatoes would ward off bugs from consuming the edible plants growing below. In the center of the Morays they would sacrifice a llama, which would help them determine what to plant for the year. For example, the amount the heart could beat before exploding would determine atmospheric pressure. The waste from the llama told them if it would be a hot/cold year, etc. etc. To summarize: the Incans are incredible.
IMG_1231 IMG_1211 IMG_1200 IMG_1173 IMG_1172

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