Today we stalled, unsure of when Tori’s new visa would arrive.

We went to a café for breakfast and ate our feelings away. Our phones lit up with a kind message from our friend Kate, who is traveling Southeast Asia with her boyfriend, Tim. She was checking in and saying hello. We told her our sob story and asked how her trip is and where the two of them are?
Turns out, they are in Phneom Penh.

They had just flown in from Vietnam and were there for only one day as a transit point between their next destination. Being in Phenom Penh that day was not part of their plans, nor ours! We had different routes through southeast asia, so it appeared our paths wouldn’t cross, but due to our visa problems, we were able to meet up for a short day!

It was so strange sending them the café location, and seeing people from home, here, in Cambodia! It was incredible to spend the day talking and walking and shopping and simply spending time with friends. We compared experiences and came to be relieved that their journey has felt so similar to ours! It was reassuring to know we aren’t alone- travel disasters and mosquito bites included. I can’t wait until we are home again, and the four of us can meet up at a café in Oregon and reminisce upon our adventures abroad.

(Also- Tori’s visa arrived today: so tomorrow, VIETNAM!).

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