Today I feel particularly blessed,¬†I woke up early and watched the sunrise, befriending a stray puppy and three little girls who were bathing/brushing their teeth in the Mekong River. I took photos of fishermen and locals. I walked to the beach and wrote in my journal and read poetry. (From my journal) progress is a … More Blessed

Today was arguably one of the best days yet. I woke up early and photographed people catching Two people to a boat, we followed our broken-English-guide through small rapids, past beautiful shores, between bushes and trees, and into the sunny life of Laos. We paddled for a few hours until we reached a point of … More

Where’s My Phone?

“Mom stop bugging me I’m sleeping” was my first though this morning. One of the sleeper bus workers was yanking on my pillow and talking to me in Lao, motioning that Tori and I needed to get off the bus NOW. He was being rude and rushing us. We were 1/2 asleep and extremely disorientated, … More Where’s My Phone?

Travel Days

Today we left Luang Prabang and headed 6 hours to Vang Vieng. Its such a funny concept, I remember when got on the first bus from Chiang Mai to Laos, there were 4 girls behind Tori and I. They wouldn’t stop talking and laughing. Five days later: Tori, Dana, Shirley and I were now the … More Travel Days

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is wonderful. Its kind of quaint in a strange way. It’s simple. We explored with our group from the slow boat, walking over the bamboo bridge and looking at the town, the people, the stray dogs, the street food. As the day came to a close we changed into temple clothes and went … More Luang Prabang

Slow Boat to Laos

When we bought our “slow boat to Laos” tickets, they weren’t lying: it was a SLOW boat. 1 days of traveling via bus, 2 nights of scrounging for hostels, and 2 days of boating. It was definitely more luxurious than the overnight bus, but it definitely wasn’t glamorous either. Yet, you can always find the … More Slow Boat to Laos