Today we stalled, unsure of when Tori’s new visa would arrive. We went to a café for breakfast and ate our feelings away. Our phones lit up with a kind message from our friend Kate, who is traveling Southeast Asia with her boyfriend, Tim. She was checking in and saying hello. We told her our … More FRIENDS FROM HOME

Bar Work

Today we awoke for a final day in our tent. We headed to the one bar/restaurant on our side of the island, and ordered breakfast. Now let me tell you, working at a restaurant can be very hard- exhausting to say the least. And when you’re understaffed? It can be a new form of torture. … More Bar Work


Today I woke up in a tent at the break of dawn, as has become routine. I changed, walked to the edge of the beach, and began to workout. But, my mind and body were elsewhere today. My throat hurt and my mind couldn’t focus. So, I quit and instead sat and thought. In all … More 2016


  My birthday was anti-climatic. Why? Because the whole day was a blur of magical perfection and never reached a “high point” since every hour was a high point. It was sincerely better with each coming minute. I started the day listening to sleepy Tori mumbling “happy birthday!” from our tent as I got dressed. … More 19


silence is impossible stillness in unobtainable the ocean moves always it ceases to ever, even on days lacking the slightest breeze, stop the world is an orchestra you cannot stop the whistling wind through trees, the crashing of gentle waves, the noise of a heart beat yet, I crave stillness yet, I seek silence In … More Silence


I woke up at 5:30, changed into a swimsuit and some workout clothes, and attempted to silently sneak past Tori. (This is very difficult to do as we are staying in a lofted tent, which is super cool, but close living quarters for sure). The moon was still up, and the sun was yet to … More BEACH ITINERARY


On the 26th we packed up our bags and took a boat ride to Koh Rong, an island off the coast. We intend to stay here for about a week and do basically nothing but relax in the sunshine. Today Tori started laughing and I asked what’s so funny? And she replied “this is literally … More THE ISLAND LIFE

Christmas in Cambodia

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our first holiday season away from home! Big yummy breakfasts, skyping the family, and blissfully spending the day in a private movie theater room we rented. We are indulging a little today, because what else do you do during Christmas!? Having a private movie theater was beyond cool. After watching movies we headed … More Christmas in Cambodia