Missionaries have always been a bit of a foreign concept. I’ve always pictured them as these people who go into third world countries with tons of bibles and preach about God. And truthfully, I’ve always thought that to be kind of annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love the God I follow. But I can’t picture Him wanting us to get in the faces of those living without anything and telling them how much they need Jesus when really, they need basic necessities (food, water, house, clothes).  So for me, the concept of missionaries/being on a mission was a skeptical topic to delve deeper into this past Sunday at our 8 a.m. service. Yet, the take away was beyond astounding. Usually sermons leave me thinking about the concept for the day and having some form of impact on my life and faith. Yet this one left me feeling energized and hopeful, excited and enthusiastic. Here I am, Monday at 3 p.m. the day after, still relentlessly questioning this idea of a mission. Being on a mission with God was presented to me in a new way, as being on the adventure that is your life. We were told clearly and simply, your mission is now, your mission is today. Your mission is your daily life, and how you show the world that your God has blessed you. You are blessed so that you may be a blessing to others. You do not have to leave the country to show love to strangers, you do not have to give up something grand and verbose to show your love for God, you simply need to find where your mission is. Furthermore, you can create that mission in your current life. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? You can, right now, look at the gifts and beautiful circumsatnces that is your life and ask: how will I use these to complete my mission? How can I use these to show love? To better the lives of those around me? What is it that breaks my heart that I want to fix? Where do I feel I can better the world around me?

I’ve been praying and thinking a lot over the past (short) 48 hours about these questions and where I feel God wants to use me to show His love. What’s something He has made me have passion for? Where has He purposefully put me?

And I think I’ve found the answer: coffee.

Because when is coffee not the answer?

You see, I love coffee. But what I love even more is what happens when you go and get coffee with others. Whether in a cozy café on rainy morning sipping a hot latte or a sunny afternoon on a walk with an iced cappuccino, coffee brings people together. Whenever I want to spend time with someone I don’t know super well, I tend to ask “wanna get a cup of coffee?” It’s such an easy way to create bonds with somone when you both have a need for caffine. And above all else: I love what happens next. Sitting across from someone at a coffeeshop, suddenly two people begin to chat. Simple questions, stories, life happening and beautiful moments are shared with someone. And between the two people sit cups of joe and one contagiously-loving God.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion God is using me to spread some love through coffee.

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