Bar Work

Today we awoke for a final day in our tent. We headed to the one bar/restaurant on our side of the island, and ordered breakfast.

Now let me tell you, working at a restaurant can be very hard- exhausting to say the least. And when you’re understaffed? It can be a new form of torture. Today, only one worker (besides the cook) seemed to show up. As the frazzeled solo worker behind the bar tried to take everyone’s orders and tend to drinks, I leaned over and asked “do you want some help?” he hesitated, but said “uhh, yes please.” So, I walked around back and helped myself to the notepads and menus and began taking orders. It was honestly pretty fun and quite hilarious that I think I can just walk into a bar and start working, but I’m glad I could help in at least some way.

Once the breakfast rush was over, Tori and I ordered food and relaxed until it was time to leave Koh Rong. We loaded on a boat back to Sihoukville, sadly leaving our little paradise. Tomorrow we leave for Phneom Penh, then off to Vietnam we go!

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