After breakfast this morning, we met up with Sophol’s (the director of the Chiro Village school) very good friend. Sophol gave us his friends contact as it turns out, his friend is a tour guide in Siem Reap. The three of us met up and headed off on a tuk tuk to tour the famous … More ANGKOR WHAT?


At 4 am today, the Pagoda woke me up. I was technically awoken at 3:40 by an unstoppable mosquito itch, and at 4 am on the dot, as the itch subsided (finally), the monks began. They chant and ring bells and “sing” and make noise. At 4 am. So, sleep was not easily found over … More MONKS & DR. SEUSS


I have a confession: I didn’t finish 2nd semester English until the end of October (about 2 weeks before we left for Asia). The last few days have been an endless ball of stress as I received an email from my online English (BYU) telling me that they never received my final, therefore they are … More SUCCESSFUL DAY


Today is my fifth day in Chiro Village, and already I have fallen deeply in love with silence. With the concept of being with yourself. Sitting in a hammock or a wooden chair on our perfect porch as the sun rises. (I have equally fallen in love with the early morning hours). I sit and … More SILENCE


A bi-weekly activity for the children of the village is performing on a cruise ship. The children practice traditional Kmer songs and dances all week in preparation. On the cruise ship today we introduced the kids, explained our jobs as volunteer teachers, and summarized the work of Sophol. The kids performed with great excitement and … More CRUISE SHIP


Strangely enough, we found out this morning that today is a holiday, therefore the children have no school! So, Tori and I, and our new friend Shelby walked around the village talking and exploring. Turns out, Shelby is from Washington! Small world, eh? It was so funny to be able to talk to her about … More FENCES AND SPLASHES

Off to Cambodia

Sadly, we said goodbye to the beautiful Don Det and headed towards our next location: Kampong Cham. Two days of traveling via public CambodIa buses takes a level of patience which I am slowly learning to master. We stayed one night in Phenom Penh between evening and morning buses, until finally arriving at our volunteer … More Off to Cambodia