Today I woke up in a tent at the break of dawn, as has become routine. I changed, walked to the edge of the beach, and began to workout.

But, my mind and body were elsewhere today. My throat hurt and my mind couldn’t focus. So, I quit and instead sat and thought.

In all honestly, 2015 broke me. And as all wounds go, there is pain, there are scars, but, there is healing. During the last few months of this year, I could have look up from where I sat, and seen rock bottom above me. I fell that desperately underneath the lowest low. I came face to face with my biggest fears as they occurred around me, and I gave up.

But, here I sit, soaking my wounds and learning to walk again. Here I am, not yet healed, but healing.

So, may 2016 be more than simply a calendar change, but may it be an excuse for refreshing, reforming, and recreating. May it come with nothing but the pureness and potential that is “a fresh start”.

Today we wrote resolutions, we sat, we thought, we journal ed. We partook in all the usual end of the year rituals.

As the last day of 2015 came to a close, we wandered along the beach, where we were invited to a Cambodian family reunion. 2015 ended with traditional Khemer food, dances, and drinks, followed by fireworks and running into the warm waves at midnight.

And truthfully, I believe stepping out of the ocean, into 2016, is the perfect imagery of a New Year. May we all let the waves take away 2015, may we be washed clean of the past, and may we step back onto land: clean, refreshed, new.

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