3 cambodia (730).JPGsilence is impossible

stillness in unobtainable

the ocean moves always

it ceases to ever, even on days lacking the slightest breeze, stop

the world is an orchestra

you cannot stop the whistling wind through trees, the crashing of gentle waves, the noise of a heart beat

yet, I crave stillness

yet, I seek silence

In the last six weeks I have graciously and profoundly encountered the magic that can be found in being quiet. Yet, I am not good at this. I tap my feet, I bite my nails, I talk constantly, I play with my hair, my mind moves a million miles an hour, I have a restless soul. Which, I am learning to calm. I am learning, slowly but surely, how to master this spirit inside me and find peace.

Reading my bible yesterday, a verse from Exodus stood out, “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

Well that’s funny God, we both know how bad I am at this.

As today has progressed, I’ve realized I have a sore throat, which comes with a comically squeaky voice on the verge of being a lost voice.

Well God, you are funny. So today I am thankful that I not only have the opportunity (yet again), to practice being silent, but furthermore- I don’t have much of a voice to get in the way of that!

And let me tell you: sitting on a towel on white sand, watching the waves kiss the shore, watching foam form, memorizing how the pure blue blends in to the shallow turquoise, looking at the shadows the trees make on the beach, feeling each breath fill my lungs, feeling each ray of heat from the ever-present sun, will help you find a deeper stillness than you thought possible.

And if this wasn’t good enough, floating on my back upon the waves for a small eternity let me (literally) drift into another realm of quiet.

I have found that the world is loud when it is being loud, but the world is louder when it is being silent.

…It is amazing how loud silence is to someone who hasn’t listened closely enough…

(side note: we were supposed to leave today and go to the other side of the island, but we were luckily able to book another night, I think leaving here will be harder than we thought…)

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