I woke up at 5:30, changed into a swimsuit and some workout clothes, and attempted to silently sneak past Tori. (This is very difficult to do as we are staying in a lofted tent, which is super cool, but close living quarters for sure).

3 cambodia (744)

The moon was still up, and the sun was yet to awaken. I ran to the end of the path, where it meets the ocean, and turned around. Once back, I set up my towel, journal, book, waterbottle, and phone, in the same place as the day before. It is becoming routinue for me to watch the sunrise, to watch the day begin, to watch it transend out of darkness into a new beginning. I love these hours.


I’ve been attempting to workout as much as possible, which I am starting to really enjoy. I believe the key to enjoying exercise here is to workout in the hours before the sun make you melt when you try to do one squat. Equally, I’ve found that yoga/meditation is key. So, post workout, I threw off my running gear and dove into the ocean to cool off. Then, I sat on a rock and closed my eyes. I focused, meditating on nothing more than the waves going over my body, my lungs filling with salty air, and my heart beat slowing down.  After meditating, I stood up, and (excuse my language) ate s**t on the rocks. My knee began to bleed and bruise instantly. I just laughed, it was so typical me to take a picture perfect sunrise meditation in the crystal clear ocean, and fall clumsily right on top of that image.

Suprise: I’m a spazz in Asia too. (apparently this isn’t a country-dependant quality)

After recovering from my bleeding, Tori joined me in the beach front chairs where we both silently read and journaled. Once the restaurant opened (not until 11) we got breakfast. Another day, another bowl of freshly cut fruit and delicous smoothies. I think I could live off this every day for the rest of my life.

Once we were full and ready to begin our day, we looked into renting some kayaks. Once handed paddles and lifejackets we both realized that we didn’t really know how to get the kayaks into the water and over the waves and out to the calm water….so we asked for some help…which basically was a push of the kayak, “hop on!” and  “start paddling”. Don’t worry, we made it over the waves. Never sea kayaked before, but first time for everything right? I was suprised today by how different sea kayaking is from river kayaking. The waver moves in a different way underneath you, and it is a whole new kind of fun. We paddled, singing some disney movie songs (“just around the riverbend” and “part of your word”- water themed of course), until we found a sandy beach to land on. As the waves pushed me towards shore, I “surfed” a few on the kayak, until the last big one flipped my kayak and the people on shore laughted at me. I did the walk of shame to the sand.

Still a spazz in every country.

“Coconut beach” the sign said….man oh man was this a new kind of paradise. Somehow this beach is more beautiful than ours? Although, I couldn’t tell you how this is posible. Also, no photo evidence….but I suppose some things have to be seen with your own eyes. We walked along the extra white sand beaches and swam in the extra turquoise water until our stomachs demanded food. So, we (slightly more gracefully this time) put the kayaks back in the water and paddled back. I always forget how exhausting kayaking is, but three hours of it whipped us out. So, once back at Nature Beach, we got snacks and resumed our activity of doing absoulutely nothing until dinner time.

Workout, swim, eat, relax, kayak, swim, kayak, eat, relax, eat, sleep, repeat.

I can get used to this itinerary.

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