Love Yourself

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot during this trip.

Over the bus-filled travel weekend, I thought a lot about love, our definition of love, our shortcomings, our faults, what needs to be changed to love better, how to love others, and how to love yourself.

I’m not usually one to be exceptionally proud, but I am in fact proud of a short writing I completed over the last few days of contemplating love…

“A clear disillusion of mankind is our unnerving pursuit of companionship, whilst we bluntly ignore marital vows that were established at birth with our own souls.

We are previously destined to eternity, not merely the rest of our existence, with none other than ourselves.

Thus, ironically, while we attempt to fall in love externally, we have an obligation to instead prioritize capturing an audacious internal love with the person that is faithfully and genuinely ours forever- ourselves.

Neither from birth nor death do us part can separate you from you; it is a binding contract beyond all sense of time.

And doesn’t it make sense to ruthlessly love the person you will spend forever with? Doesn’t it make sense to ruthlessly love yourself?”


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