3 cambodia (282).JPGToday: Bus from Siem Reap to Kampong Cham. Tuk tuk from Kampong Cham to Chiro Village.

On the tuk tuk back to the village on the ever-bump-filled dirt road we passed by a calf drinking its mother’s milk. I realized I had never seen that before. I’ve never actually watched a maternal animal give milk from her utter.

About a week ago we had a mini tour of the village, and we saw a baby calf. Sophol told us the calf was born that morning. I watched in fascination. It was breathtaking to see the little weak legs attempt to stand. The calf shakingly jumped on his new hooves. He stepped around, hestitantly learning how to exist in his new world. How evidently close I was that day to the miracle of life, to the beginning.

I realized today that many people will never see a calf on its first day of life, nor observe a young cow milking their mother.

Sometimes I think about how the children here will probably never see an airplane or a flat screen TV, or some other high-tech, of-the-age invention. They may never expereince said luxeries of the modern world. At one point in these last two weeks I thought to myself how sad it is that they live in a world seperate from the 21st century, that they will probably never see all that the world has evolved into.

But those in the 21st century should be sad to never pick their own vegetables, to never watch a calf learn to walk, never to observe an ancient, beautiful world of simplicity.

We all have expereinces that some will share and others will not- but that is never to say that one is better than the other. We do not live in a superior society to this people, but merely a different reality. I see now, that in many ways, our reality lacks in ways that theirs abounds in. In sunrises and farming, in pure laughter and family time, in community and teamwork, in being present and in caring.

America is first world in title, but third world in life.

Camboida is third world in title, but first world in living.

I will miss this way of life.



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