Goodbye Shelby, Hello Siem Reap

Today we sadly said goodbye to two beautiful souls: Lisa and Shelby. I know without a doubt their travels and adventures are just beginning. Along the road I have been asking people to write farewell notes in my journal, sort of their “words of wisdom”, if you may. As we took a tuk tuk into town to bid Shelby farewell, she wrote:


You my dear hold strong energy within, how in these next few delicate yet loud years of your life you will learn how to master it. How to tend the fire to create the perfect smoke signal-for no one but yourself. Be true to you in order to be true to the world. It was a magical time spent at Chiro Village. Memories I will forever hold close to my heart. Life is short. We can make the days long. Best wishes will all future endeavors. I’m only an email away.

All my love and positive vibes,


Oh how I will dearly miss her and her spunky yet wise way with words and life. Thank you for the inspiration, friendship, and guidance. I know I will be seeing you back home one day!

After dramatically hugging her goodbye, Tori and I went to kill some time at a coffee shop. Today we are heading to Siem Reap for the weekend in order to see Angkor Wat.

A hop and a skip later (or a few hours on a bus), we arrived at a hostel where we dumped our monstrous backpacks (they seem to be growing in size and weight) and embarked upon a mission for food and shopping. It really amazes me how street food and night markets never cease to grow old. In fact, I think I love them more with each coming day. As usual, we bought too much, ate too much, and slept too little in our noisy hostel. New town, same routine.

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