I have a confession: I didn’t finish 2nd semester English until the end of October (about 2 weeks before we left for Asia). The last few days have been an endless ball of stress as I received an email from my online English (BYU) telling me that they never received my final, therefore they are cancelling my test. I began emailing my mom, my counselor, the online English people, Lakeridge, etc….turns out: the test I took somehow was lost in the mail from Lakeridge to BYU. So, after lots of discussion and problem-solving (THANK YOU MOM) the people at BYU decided to let me take the test online (which they never do) via Skype (which they also don’t do). I am very lucky to be able to finish English today without having to redo the entire class. So, I biked into town and found a place to set up my mini-testing center.

Hours later, I can now say, on December 16th, I have graduated high school! (It was about time).

But the better new, My dad send me a wonderful message today stating that the doctors have determined him to be….(drum roll)… CANCER FREE.

This battle has been scary and attempting to be there for him from across the world has been difficult. But, prayers are answered today.

December 16th was a successful day in the life.

(Here’s a before and after picture of my father’s tumors! Crazy crazy crazy!)

pray impossible things

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