Today is my fifth day in Chiro Village, and already I have fallen deeply in love with silence. With the concept of being with yourself. Sitting in a hammock or a wooden chair on our perfect porch as the sun rises. (I have equally fallen in love with the early morning hours). I sit and read my bible or a good book or my favorite E.E. Cummings’ poems. I sketch the world around me or jot down thoughts about life. I am so content in the morning, at 6 am, wrapped in my blanket, watching the world begin, watching the farmers walk to the fields, watching the bamboo move in the wind, watching the children bike to school. Sometimes happiness is so dumbfoundly simple.


Today, we teach again. The children are incredibly enthusiastic to learn. They love homework, want more class, and look forward to school. It is incredible to see how children so young can see such value in education.



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