A bi-weekly activity for the children of the village is performing on a cruise ship. The children practice traditional Kmer songs and dances all week in preparation.

On the cruise ship today we introduced the kids, explained our jobs as volunteer teachers, and summarized the work of Sophol. The kids performed with great excitement and joy, and the tourist clapped enthusiastically. We gave them the options to donate and answered any questions they had. A big part of the village’s funds come from the pure kindness of donations. It was incredible to think we were a part of shedding light on the needs of both Chiro village, and Cambodia in general.

After the cruise ship performance, the kids wanted to, once again, swim in the Mekong River. Today I was much less hesitant, grabbing their hands and running enthusiastically with them. We splashed and laughed and played. I love the bliss that the children here swim with, how simply they can be tangibly happy. We should all take lessons from those who have little.


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