Floating Through Laos

If you went to Vang Vieng, there is no question whether or not you went tubing down the river. It’s a tourist tradition to say the least. You wake up, grab a few drinks, collect a big group of friends (aka strangers you live with in a hostel and become instantly friends with), and hit the river. It reminded me instantly of home- beautiful rushing water, endless green, rocky shores. Tubing down the Mekong river has changed slightly as there used to be endless bars alone the shore, but they are all closed now. So, we simply floated, spun, laughed, swam, tanned, talked, and soaked up the sunshine. As we floated, we picked up more tubers. A little island of people- our own private world of strangers. Two girls from Italy, a couple from Canada, 1 girl from Holland, a few from Germany, 1 guy from France, a couple Americans…Ciao, Bonjour, Hola, Sabaidee, Hay, Hello… I feel like I traveled the world while tubing through Vang Vieng. We ended at the last bar, the only one open. Our little island of friends all bought food and drinks. We occupied hammocks, laid on the grass, lounged in the tubes. My face hurt from smiling, what a horribly rough day in the life.

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