I Si the Kuang Si Falls

The fantastic four of us woke up; slightly tired and sore from cramming in one bed. Breakfast, change, pack, lock door, get taxi. The usually morning routine followed by whatever great itinerary the day has in store for us…today: waterfalls. 45 minutes outside of Luang Prabang we arrived at the Kuang Si Falls. They looked fake; sometimes I wonder if I’m living in a postcard? I wish I could say the water was lovely and we had a nice peaceful swim, but if I’m being honest, it was freaking freezing. Still, it was nice to coll off considering we are sweating bullets about 98.4% of the time (the other 1.6% of the time, we aren’t sweating only because we’re taking the usual cold shower).

After sitting under the waterfall until we couldn’t take it anymore, we hopped out and walked up to the larger waterfall that you (sadly) aren’t supposed to swim in. Once again, post card perfection. About 1/2 way up the falls, at one of the last tiers, we saw people standing and swimming. Of course we wanted to investigate. So, we walked past the tourist photo op location up the hill and took a logical left turn past the “do not cross” sign. Shirley and Dana went back…smart girls. Tori and I pursued on until we were at the top of the tier. Tori stayed up top while I climbed down. People were swimming and splashing in the crystal clear water, taking dangerous looking photos on the edge. Of course I wanted one as well, so I asked a kind stranger to take a photo of me on the edge, which was (honestly) kind of scary. I don’t think anyone would make that fall if they stepped back just a foot further (don’t worry though mom and dad I’m making great decisions as always).

Climbed back up, walked back, found Shirley and Dana, taxi back to town. Change, pack, lock door, walk to night market. Shirley stayed home, and the three of us pursued another usual evening itinerary; another all you can eat street food market buffet. Another day of eating too much, whoops.

We bought some small coconut milk pancake pastries, which we decided needed to be eaten with ice cream. As though send from the heavens, a dessert shop emerged right when we needed it. And let me tell you, this ice cream was definetely sent from the heavens. It was the best ice cream I’ve had to date. It was an out-of-body experience. We literally floated home on a cloud of 4 scoops of perfect dessert. (Of course this was after we savored every last bite and acted like little kids and licked the inside of each and every bowl).

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