I wish I knew the name of the temple, but everyone just refers to it as “the temple on the mountain,” because guess what? It’s a temple on a mountain! Who would’ve guessed!? It truly was, once again, a beautiful and unique cultural experience. The view was breathtaking. Chiang Mai seemed so massive, I felt … More TEMPLE ON A MOUNTAIN


Who knew the Grand Canyon is actually in Thailand!? (yes that’s actually what they call it). This might just be the Oregonian in me complaining but OH MAN IS IT HOT HERE. SO. HOT. All I’ve craved since we got here is COLD. WATER. To shower in, to drink, to pour over my head with … More GRAND CANYON 2.0


There’s (what seems to be) an infinite amount of temples in Chiang Mai. They vastly range in size but all are filled with intricate details, status of Gods, Buddha symbols, marble, gold, places for offerings and donations, and the occasional monk. We always had to remove our shoes before entering the temples and we needed … More TEMPLES GALORE


If you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai: GO TO THE NIGHT BAZAAR. It’s something that I’m surprised isn’t written about more. About a 15 minute taxi ride from our hostel, we entered a bustling street full of sounds, smells, sights, and people. We thought this street was the whole shabang, but after we turned … More NIGHT BAZAAAARRRRR


First day in Thailand we….SLEPT. Once at the hostel, around 1 pm,  we thought we’d take a quick nap before getting some food. When we woke up it was dark out, we were still in our clothes, and we had slept through two meals. It was 2 in the morning. Whoops. So, not much to … More NO PLANS NO PROBLEM


4:30 AM, November 15th, I hugged my mom, brother, and dad for the last time until May. My Mom and Dad cried, Alex made jokes, and I held it together surprisingly well. Thus begins two days of uncomfortable airplane seats, airport selfies, endless plane movies, and the constant search for wifi. After flying PDX to San … More CLUELESS IN KOREA