Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is wonderful. Its kind of quaint in a strange way. It’s simple. We explored with our group from the slow boat, walking over the bamboo bridge and looking at the town, the people, the stray dogs, the street food. As the day came to a close we changed into temple clothes and went to Mt. Phousi in the center of the town. It’s not much of an actual mountain, but a short climb of endless stairs. At the top we stood together and watched the sun sink behind the mountains. The sky was showing off for us. As the day became night, a monk said hi to us. He was very kind, told us about his schedule and his life. He speaks three languages. Each day he wakes up at 3, goes to the temple, goes to school, teaches Korean, goes back to the temple, then does his homework. He almost never sleeps. He wants to be a doctor one day. He was so pleasant.

We went to the night market for dinner after the sunset. We found an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet for a whopping $1.23, and boy did we take advantage of it. Stuffed full, we shopped around the stands looking at beautiful odds and ends, haggeling our price for the things we wanted.
After the market we took a quick stop by the bar where we ran into all our friends from the boat. We danced, ate more, talked more, then headed off to bed. We decided with our two good friends Dana and Shirley (both from the slow boat) that we should try to save money and share a room. So, the four of us headed home to our slumber party in our fairly gross hostel. Sweet dreams Luang Prabang, antil another day .

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