It was the first (and possibly only Thanksgiving) where we got the strange opportunity to choose our family for the day. Who did we want to sit around a table and talk about being thankful with?

Tori, me, her cousin Jeffery, and our new friend Eri headed to the street food stalls for a traditional Thailand Thanksgiving of pad Thai, mango sticky rice, and Chang beer. It was the classiest Thanksgiving anyone has ever enjoyed on plastic picnic table chairs in the middle of chaos. But, it was our own backpacker kind of wonderful. We chatted about how the more Jeffery and Eri have traveled, the more they’ve seen that people are, innately, good. Tori and I aren’t nearly as experienced as them (we’re a mere 2 weeks in) but so far I’ve noticed the same thing: the world is a beautiful place, and when given the opportunity, people are equally beautiful.
Today, I am most thankful for this realization.

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