Today began Loy Krathong, a three day festival giving thanks to the water gods. We sat at a nice little bar near the Nawarat bridge drinking Chang beer and watching the elaborate parade stroll by. Our good friend Flame (who works at the hostel) joined us shortly after. We met up with his friend and they took us on a tour of Chiang Mai’s night life. We had quite a comical evening of dancing to pop song covers and pretending to know what the Asian band was saying. Flame and his friend Godzilla (I truly don’t know what’s up with the nicknames) let us hop on the back of their motor bikes and we raced through the empty city streets in the late evening. Cheesy as it sounds: the wind blowing through my hair under the night sky, the whole world a blur around me, arms stretched above my head, I couldn’t stop laughing and cheering at how indescribably alive I felt. How spontaneous, how fast-paced, how new, how exciting, how wonderful this life is, baffles me every day.



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