My favorite kind of adventure: eating and sleeping.
I am a master chef at grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal, and soup (from a can of course). Out of everything we’ve done since we left, cooking has probably been comically the most out of my comfort zone. If I didn’t work at a restaurant back home, I would have starved by now.
Although after today: call me iron chef Nicole.

We loaded up on a truck and went to the local market to see where all the ingredients come from, then headed off to the organic farm where we spent the day. We made green and red curry (including making the curry paste from scratch), tom yum soup, chicken and coconut milk soup, pad Thai, and a chicken and cashew stir fry. After cooking all of the food, we had a Thai feast like none other.

And as all good feasts go, we took a proper siesta post-lunch. Sammy’s organic farm had a little porch area full of hammocks for everyone to nap in. Stomachs full, a good book of poetry, the beautiful farmland, and a nice breeze: I’m convinced we’re living like kings.
Wake up, yawn, back to the kitchen. We made papaya salad (which was DELICIOUS), spring rolls, mango sticky rice, and banana milk for a snack and dessert. After eating all that I was pretty convinced I was going to explode. Sadly, it was time to go home, so I couldn’t enjoy another glorious hammock nap. Chef Sammy kindly gave us a mini cook book with all the recipes and directions to recreate the feast at home. So yes mom and dad, I promise I will cook for you when I return home. If I ever come back 😉

2 thoughts on “GOOD EATS

  1. Looks amazing Nicole. I am so happy you guys are having such a fabulous time. We think of you often and send big hugs your way. ENJOY and HAVE FUN. Miss you – XOXOX ~Katie & family.


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