The hostel owners are fairly convinced we would die if we rented motor bikes, BUT they did let us rent bike bikes. Two wheels, two pedals, two breaks, handlebars, and a cute little basket in the front. Biking around Chiang Mai on a lazy warm Sunday afternoon sounds peaceful right? WRONG.

Let me tell you something about Chiang Mai’s rules of the road: there are none. As if biking on the wrong side of the road isn’t hard enough; bikes don’t go on the sidewalks (when there are sidewalks), the lanes are more guidelines, and instead of slowing down, honking means get out of the way. If I’m being honest, biking was probably more adrenaline inducing than zip-lining.

After breakfast at a cute (and excessively pink) cafe, we biked from our hostel near the South Gate over to the Nawarat bridge. We feasted at the Good View restaurant (guess what, it had a good view), then walked along the river bank taking photos and observing the fishermen. It was comically stereotypical: old men drinking beer on the grass, watching their lines for the slightest twitch of a catch.

We ran into a man who pointed us in the direction of the church we were looking for, which we arrived at 10 minutes late (whoops). It was a fairly casual service, but it was beautiful to know that we can find churches anywhere in the world.

Death defying bike ride home at sunset followed by an evening of strolling around the Sunday Market. Later we listened to music and drank beer outside the hostel until drowsy eyes hit, eventually we crawled into our peaceful beds for the evening, another day down.


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