I wish I knew the name of the temple, but everyone just refers to it as “the temple on the mountain,” because guess what? It’s a temple on a mountain! Who would’ve guessed!?

It truly was, once again, a beautiful and unique cultural experience. The view was breathtaking. Chiang Mai seemed so massive, I felt infinitely small, and simultaneously significant, as though the city below is mine.

Temple touring doesn’t come with lots to say, as you basically just walk around the temple and take it all in. This was the largest one we’ve seen yet. I’m so surprised at how people can be praying and partaking in religious practices while tourists (like me) swarm around taking photos. It’s a complicated thing, trying to capture the temple in images while equally attempting to give people respect for their religion.

The highlight of the temple was definitely our encounter with the cutest monk EVER. Now keep in mind, they are, apparently, not supposed to smile. He waved us over and invited us to sit in on the holy water sprinkling. So, we tentatively kneeled in front of him while he chanted words and sprinkled water on us, intermixing some English “happy long live, Thai chanting, good fortune, Thai chanting.” He encouraged me to take a picture of the water he sprinkled on us and let me take a photo of him- which he pretended to be serious for, and accidentally starting laughing/smiling. So, here is my lucky and rare picture of a smiling monk 🙂


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