While walking home we ran into our good friend, the old man three doors down. He, like many Thai people, stopped us and sparked up a friendly conversation asking about where we’re from, if we like Thailand, where to eat, directions to places we didn’t even ask about, etc etc. People here seem to want to help us and be our friends for no reason. They introduce themselves and bow respectfully and simply talk as though we’re old friends, it’s beautiful.

Piak, the old man, started talking to us in his cute broken English, and man oh man is he funny.

P: You from America!?

US: Yes

P: I from Colorado!

US: Oh, really! That’s a beautiful state!

P: Well I not from there, I visit there…tell me, why America so fucking expensive!? Oh sorry, haha sorry. But why??” (he was laughing at himself and how he swore on accident) I tell you, 5 dollar 10 buy me Starbucks coffee in America, here, 5 10 buy me whole bottle whiskey! hahhaha (He thought this was hilarious, as did we)

US: haha that’s why we cam here!

P: Listen, please sit, sit, (he got up and offered his seat) talk, have one beer. Just one beer. I buy one, but you buy two hahahha I kidding

US: So sorry, but we have to go!

P: Oh no stay! Ok ok, I give you my number, you have pen, paper?

US: No we don’t, sorry!

P: (asks friend for pen) Here, give me hand. (Take’s Tori’s hand and writes on it) You call, you don’t call, you choice. Maybe you call, maybe not. This my cell! (let’s go of Tori’s hand) Wait! (Grabs her hand again, add a cute little heart above the “i” in his name) There!

Ladies, if you’re ever in Chiang Mai looking for a good time, call up our dear friend Piak. (Number included on hand below)






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