First day in Thailand we….SLEPT. Once at the hostel, around 1 pm,  we thought we’d take a quick nap before getting some food. When we woke up it was dark out, we were still in our clothes, and we had slept through two meals. It was 2 in the morning. Whoops. So, not much to report on the first day in  Chiang Mai, since we spent it blissfully (and accidentally) catching up on sleep.

BUT DAY 2: we explored our backpacking butts off. Obviously well rested, we were ready to get settled into our new lives, unpack, find our way around the city, adjust to the time difference, etc.

It was such a foreign concept we came upon at breakfast: we can do anything. Anything. We’ve both been so accustomed to working every day and penny-saving for this trip, that is so absurd how much freedom we now have. We have no schedule, no plans, no where to be, no rush, and no idea what we’re doing; its a glorious new lifestyle. Want to eat all day? Go for it. Sleep all day? Why not! Book a spontaneous zip lining tour? Heck yah. See 10 million temples? Of course! We are free and limitless. Wander, get lost, get found, each day is 100% ours to do whatever our hearts desire. What a beautiful way to live. I am so lucky.

And, we spent the day doing exactly that: simply wandering. We got lost and strolled the streets. We found a perfect little museum with a glass-walled cafe in the yard. We sketched flower and read poetry and drank magic color changing butterfly tea for hours. It was a lovely first real day.

Oh, and we ate some great street food for 1$. (PSA: the food in the bag was painfully spicy so I gave up eating it and bought Pad Thai).

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