4:30 AM, November 15th, I hugged my mom, brother, and dad for the last time until May. My Mom and Dad cried, Alex made jokes, and I held it together surprisingly well. Thus begins two days of uncomfortable airplane seats, airport selfies, endless plane movies, and the constant search for wifi.

After flying PDX to San Fransico, we then flew San Fran to (what we thought was) Singapore. After getting off the plane, we were shuffled in with the crowd as a woman said “this way to Singapore.” We both looked at each other with complete confusion because we suddenly realized we had no idea where we were if this wasn’t Singapore… It took us about 30 minutes to realized we were not in Singapore and were actually in South Korea….whoops. Side note: it’s always good to know what country you’re in.

Be there soon, Chiang Mai.

(Note to family: I don’t know who thought I could do this, but thanks for pretending I could anyways. Love you guys more than Reese’s peanut butter cups.)

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