Thursday March 19th

We definitely didn’t luck out on the weather today, as it is pouring. But hey, we’re already soaked so I guess that’s convenient? The three of us adventured out on the rapids today and MAN WAS IT FUN. My friends kept gasping in awe at how beautiful the canyon and the rapids were, and yes, they were stunning. But, I kept thinking “this is nothin’ compared to Oregon”. I’ve gotta say, the more I see and hear and do, I realize how lucky I am to live in Oregon and how wonderful my home is. I’m by no means ready to leave Peru, but I equally can’t wait to see my beautiful state again. Part of traveling is understanding how lucky you are, and gaining great thankfulness and gratitude for all that you have.

Oh and while rafting I sat on the front bow of the boat and road it like a bucking bronco so that was cool. Oh and I went ziplining which was also kinda cool I guess. (THIS IS SARCASM IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME, just clarifying)

IMG_2703 IMG_2706

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