Thursday March 5th-Monday March 9th

Day 35-39

BEACH WEEKEND! Don’t get me wrong: this whole trip is a vacation, but we’re constantly doing something. Volunteering here, teaching there, going out dancing here, getting dinner there, hiking at that place, movie nights with those people, sunrise at that one church, late night ice cream runs at that place, walking around those ruins, and sleep? NEVER. So, as exciting and wonderful the never-ending-adventuring is, it’s equally exhausting. So, 5 days of plopping our butts on the wonderful sandy and warm beaches on the coast of Peru was beyond ideal. Our weekend began with a 30 hours bus ride, which was (surprisingly) not bad at all. We napped, talked, made friendship bracelets, snacked, read, watched movies, and caught up on journaling. It was basically forced down time.

First stop of the weekend: Huacachina. Huacachina is the beautiful desert oasis in the middle of no where. Basically all there is to do it sit in a hammock, eat awesome food, oh ya: and go sandboarding/ dune buggy riding. For some one who knows how to wakeboard and kiteboard, I suck at sandboarding. There was so much sand in so many places I didn’t want sand…..BUT: I will say that the dune buddy riding over death-defying sand dunes was one of the most fun things I have EVER done. (that’s the adrenaline junkie in me talking.)

Next day: Paracas! This is the beach hot spot of Peru. We tanned and swam in the ocean and ate ice cream and basically just soaked up pure bliss. Our adventures in Paracas consisted of hostel hanging out, bar hopping, boat tours (THERE’S PENGUINS HERE), barefoot happiness, ceviche, and tourist shopping. And the highlight of the weekend: it was the town of Paracas’ birthday (which we had no idea about). So, we wrapped up the sun-soaked vacation with a huge beach party and giant Spanish concert.

It twas a successful trip to say the least.

(surprise: I’m sunburned)

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