That one time I went to Carnival

Sunday February 8th: Day 10

Sunday morning we woke up early and enjoyed breakfast, then left for a new island. Three hours later, we arrived and enjoyed another beautiful hike. At the top of the island laid yet another beautiful view, and a table set for lunch. There we enjoyed freshly made food, straight from the land, and fish caught from the lake. Wind in our hair, sweet smelling bread, and good company lead to a perfect afternoon in the sun, surrounded by the panoramic Lake Titicaca. Then, we hiked down the grueling 500 steps to the boat, where we headed on our way to Puno.
Once in Puno, we fist left our bags at a hostel. Then, off to Carnival the four of us went. The amount of people, perfectly coordinated to their songs, and perfectly decorated from head to toe, was marvelous. I’ve never seen anything like it. The traditional clothes of Peru were bumped up ten notches with sparkles, instruments, feathers, flowers, and more. In the traditional excitement of Carnival, Alicia and I gained the courage to jump right in the middle of some dancers, in front of massive crowds, and get a picture with them! As the dancers continued on, my eyes got a little wide with greed as I saw the bells on the male dancers fall off and roll into the crowds. All I could think was I. WANT. ONE. I tried my hardest to catch some the rest of the evening, without any luck. Right before we got a taxi back to the bus station, I realized it was now or never, so I ran up and grabbed one of the bells off the dancers boot. He was super confused but I hid quickly so he didn’t see me and my god I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. I can now proudly say I have the best souvenir EVER from Carnival.

IMG_0795 IMG_0798 IMG_0801 IMG_0815 IMG_0844 IMG_0860 IMG_0973 IMG_0977 IMG_0984 IMG_0985 IMG_0994 IMG_1009 IMG_1125 IMG_1143 IMG_1163

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