February 4th: Day 6

IMG_0376 IMG_0363

About an hour out of the city (walking) is a beautiful church that overlooks the city. I sat there and just enjoyed the quiet and the breeze and view. I couldn’t help to constantly think about how lucky I am. This is such an adventure and it’s crazy to me that this is my life, and this city is my home for these next 9 weeks.

For lunch I met up with Alvaro and Nacho and went to Aldea Yanapay, a vegetarian restaurant (getting vegetables here can be difficult). The restaurant was so interesting: the inside is like a giant tea party with stuffed animals and lights and decorations. Aldea Yanapay is a school near where we live, and the restaurant is run by the same people (they also run a hostel). All of the profits from the hostel and the restaurant go directly towards running the school. Aldea had by far the best frozen mint lemonade EVER and it was HUGE.

IMG_0382 IMG_0380 IMG_0379

After lunch and our English class in the evening, we met up with all the volunteers at Indigo, a small bar near Plaza de Armas, where I proudly bought my first legal drink! Once again, while playing cards with volunteers from around the world, drinking beer and fruity margaritas, and laughing until my stomach hurt while playing Jenga, I was taken aback by where I am. It is amazing to be on this adventure: surrounding by like-minded people with a spirit for exploring and a passion for giving back.

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I am so lucky.

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