February 3rd: Day 5

IMG_0375The weather here is incredible. It is definitely hot to say the least. Being up at 11,300 feet makes 65 degrees feel more like 80 and my God I can’t seem to stop getting sunburnt. But no complains: I’ll take a sunburn any day if it means some sunshine. We all woke up today and basically went our separate ways exploring the city. I spent time people watching in the city center, watching alpacas play with puppies, children splash in fountains, and women in traditional clothes. Carnival started yesterday, so as we were exploring we ran into some festivities during the day which were fun to watch! Although by far the best part of today was the ice cream. The whole gang (being the volunteers I live with at the San Pedro house) got ice cream after dinner at this place called cucharita (little spoon). They make the ice cream by pouring this liquid onto a cold metal plate then scraping the freezing liquid off, flattening it, scraping, etc. Then they add fruit and toppings into it. I can’t quite explain the process but it was the best ice cream I have literally ever had ever. I’m going to get fat and broke off ice cream (and I’m pretty sure I’m ok with that). Besides the ice cream, the second best part of today was when a 5 year old tried to sell us weed. That was a first to say the least.

IMG_0299 IMG_0354 IMG_0324 IMG_0318

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